1. What age can my kids wrestle? That depends on each child, typically school age children (5-6 y/o) have the cognitive and motor skill development to participate in an hour-long practice twice a week.
  2. What ages does the Academy accept? Most children who are of school age can participate, the registration is set up for school ages TK to 8th Grade.
  3. Do my kids have to go to Bidwell JHS to participate? NO, Bidwell Wrestling Academy accepts student athletes from all schools in the Chico area as well as home school and charter school students K-8th grade.
  4. Do they have to compete/go to all the tournaments? The short answer is NO, as their parent you will have the final decision on their competition & training schedule. However, if you would like to speak with the coaching staff or the director regarding your child’s development we would be more than happy to help with recommendations regarding training & competing.
  5. How do you know they are ready to compete? There is a significant amount of mat time with your children prior to the first tournament where our coaching staff can assess & evaluate your wrestler’s ability and development in cognitive, emotional as well as physical readiness for competition. Our curriculum also utilizes a check list with a required number of moves each wrestler must be taught and demonstrate prior to any competition, think of it as a karate belt test prior to sparring.
  6. I looked at the curriculum page, how do I earn a certificate? The moves are taught through out the season in a progressive manner. After moves are learned wrestlers must demonstrate them in training & in live matches at practice. Half of the required moves for each level must be executed in competition as well. A specific technique is not required just that 50% of the required moves learned are done in live competition.
  7. I earned a Gold, Level 4 certificate what does that mean? This level signifies that a junior wrestler has been exposed to a significant number of techniques and has the ability to run them successfully in competition. It should also be stated that our students who achieve Silver and Gold levels (Level 3 & 4) should be able to participate at High School level practices with enough experience and exposure to confidently train with the group without holding back progress of the training session.